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Factory Cash Rewards Program

Earning is Easy...

What is Factory Cash?

Factory Cash is the way we give back to our customers; here's the rundown.

1. Earning and Spending. Every dollar of Factory Cash is equal to a dollar of credit on any of our sites. For example, if you have $20 of Factory Cash in your account, you can spend it on any Factory eStore to buy $20 worth of products. You can earn Factory Cash by shopping on any website in the Factory network, inviting friends and family, participating in polls, writing reviews and more!

2. Managing Your Factory Cash. You can view your Factory Cash balance and other important information such as days til expiration and rewards history by logging into your account and selecting the Reward Points tab on the left.

3. Choose From Thousands of Products! You can use your Factory Cash on any Factory eStore; choose from thousands of products and categories!

Bedroom - Bunk Beds - Dining Room - Living Room - Area Rugs - Patio - Sheds - Playgrounds - Playhouses


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Earn when you shop!

Every time you buy a product from one of our sites you get 3% back in Factory Cash!

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Referring Friends, Family and More Ways to Earn

You can send invites to your friends and family to join the Factory Network under the My Invitation tab on the left side of the My Account page. When they join, you automatically earn $1 of Factory Cash and you also get 2% back in Factory Cash on every purchase they make on their account! That's $20 of Factory Cash on a thousand dollar purchase and you don't have to spend a dime. They also can begin to earn and spend just like you.

Other ways you can earn is by participating on polls, subscribing to our newsletter, reviewing products and tagging products!


Spending Your Factory Cash

Factory Cash cannot be applied to orders placed through Paypal or through another third party payment method. You must use our standard checkout to complete orders on which Factory Cash is applied. You can spend your Factory Cash on any Factory eStore up to 90 days after earning them. On the 91st day your points will expire. Email reminders will be sent 15 days prior to the expiration of your Factory Cash.

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Factory Cash Limitations

Factory eStores reserves the right to alter our rewards program policies and review user accounts at any time. Any spamming or abuse of our rewards program can result in the closing of your account or removal of any Factory Cash in your account. This includes but is not limited to spamming our sites with false reviews, creating multiple accounts to earn points, participating in the same poll multiple times and other forms of excessive or ingenuine activity. Factory eStores reserves the right to remove, add or alter Factory Cash in any account at any time without notice or cause. Any changes of this manner are up to the discretion of Factory eStores and of Factory eStores alone.

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We look forward to a long, mutual relationship!

- Factory Cash Rewards Program